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I am an industrial, organizational and educational psychologist from Switzerland and trained in the person-centered approach. I have a Ph.D. in positive psychology, which is about helping people thrive and making them healthier, happier and more productive.

My family, my three dogs and I live in California now. I originally came to the USA with a scholarship to be a visiting scholar at Stanford University for a year.

The last 5 years before I came to California I worked with the Swiss Manufacturing Industry to research the quality of the training programs of Swiss manufacturers and how they attain the world class quality and performance that Switzerland is famous for.

I founded WCT (Wandeler Consulting and Training) to let other businesses and organizations benefit from my work with world class enterprises and experience in scientific research.

Christian A. Wandeler Ph.D.




Support businesses and educational organizations in the inspiration and education of people, and the creation of higher performing, healthier, less stressful, and happier work and learning places.

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